Venice 2016 - lawrencebraunstein

In May of this year (2016), my wife and I spent six very enjoyable days in Venice. Though the visit was not intended to be a ‘photo trip’ per se, my camera never left my side resulting in an unexpected large number of exposures. Venice is a city we have visited often over the years, not only as tourists, but also as members of our symphony orchestra on tour in Italy. As has been in the past, my interest during the trip centered much less on the many familiar Venetian landmarks (sorry, no photos of the Rialto Bridge or San Marco Square teeming with tourists), and more on the myriad smaller gems which can be found nearly everywhere in this remarkably beautiful city. At times, it was simply the play of light on weathered iron or brick stone nearly as old as European civilization itself. Alone the canals offer one a plethora of photographic opportunities, and while doing so reveal a sense of what Venetian life must have been like centuries ago. The multitude of magnificent cathedrals, palaces, and luxurious residences of the aristocracy lay bare the city’s vast wealth which prevailed during the golden era of Venice. Fortunately, many of these are now open to the public and nearly all offered me much photographic inspiration. Some of my photographs will indubitably divulge their Venetian origins. Others less so. All, however, reflect not only my fascination with the city but also the magical charm Venice has had on me since my first visit several decades ago. I hope you enjoy the photographs!