Sweden 2017 - lawrencebraunstein

I recently had the opportunity to visit the ‘Kullaberg Nature Reserve’ located on Sweden’s southwest coast in the municipality of Höganäs. The reserve itself occupies a substantial portion of its peninsula whose most prominent feature is its dramatically beautiful coastline, complete with steep cliffs, a plethora of natural caves, and breathtaking views of the ocean. Further inland, the landscape varies between forests (some of which quite thickly wooded) and open meadows. Not really knowing what to expect, my level of excitement upon seeing just how beautiful Kullaberg’s landscape is, was matched only by the intensity of my disappointment and frustration resulting from the miserable weather I had to endure during most of my visit! Rain, gray skies, and temperatures clearly below the norm...at least below my norm! Though the inclement weather did on occasion produce photographically expressive skies, the price was that both I and my camera were often subjected to anything from periods of light drizzle to more persistent rain. In retrospect, I’m surprised I was able to accomplish as much as I did. Nevertheless, it was far less than what I had hoped. I would love to get back to the Kullaberg Nature Reserve sometime in the near future. This time, however, with dryer weather and much more sunlight. I hope you enjoy the photos!