New Work (late 2012 -) - lawrencebraunstein

For lack of a more melodious epitaph, I have entitled this gallery simply ‘New Work’. Toward the end of 2012 - and after waiting until the dust settled concerning auto-focus issues which effected some of Nikon’s new full-format cameras - I purchased a Nikon D800E with its astonishing 36 MP sensor. For the kind of photography I do, there isn’t a DSLR camera on the market today (mid-2013) which better fits my needs. The A2 prints (approx. 17x24”) I have produced from images made with this camera are technically unequaled by anything I have been able to do so far. Unfortunately, the improvements resulting from the camera’s unusually high resolution (so apparent in large prints) are all but lost when viewed online. Be that as it may and despite my considerable joy working with this camera, it is and remains just a ‘tool’ (see my comments accompanying the gallery ‘In and around Hamburg 2’). In this vein, I offer you some of the newer images I have created with the help of this fine instrument.