New Work II (2014-) - lawrencebraunstein

In an effort to keep the size of the galleries within reasonable limits, I’ve added a second ‘New Work’ gallery with photographs I made starting in 2014. Most of the photos were done within a workable radius from where I live. Though I will continue to devote specific galleries to more extensive photo trips I make, much of my work remains the result of smaller day-trips. These excursions into less traveled regions of the North German landscape have offered me innumerable opportunities for photographic expression. That said, the landscape here can be quite challenging, primarily for its lack of diversity. One often has the feeling of having seen it all, and precisely here lies the challenge. Much beauty resides within the crevices of rock and soil. Light is often our greatest friend, bathing the commonplace and beautifying the mundane. Perhaps it is precisely this challenge which compels me to return so often to familiar terrain in search of that not yet found ‘hidden crevice’ which might lend itself to the expressive photographic print.