Mallorca 2017 - lawrencebraunstein

Much can be said for a photographer’s return to a location he has often visited. Familiarity may breed contempt among human beings but for the photographer it often inspires him to search for new ways of seeing what he already may know so well. At least, that is the effect it often has on me. This was my third trip to Mallorca within the last four years and the island never fails to reveal itself in different yet stimulating ways. There are so many factors involved. The time of day, the time of year, even one’s own emotional receptiveness all play a part in how one sees and responds to that which is before him, even if the camera is focused upon something the photographer has photographed in the past. Mallorca, with its rugged coastline, imposing mountains, and quaint rural villages dependably works its magic on me with each visit. I can’t imagine ever tiring of this island no matter how often I may visit. To witness such natural beauty is a gift that always engenders within much awe and gratitude. It is this which I try to express in the photographs I make. Enjoy!