Mallorca 2015 - lawrencebraunstein

Thanks to the kind generosity of a friend and former colleague of mine (tausand Dank, Katrin!), I had the opportunity last November (2015) to again visit the stunningly resplendent island of Mallorca. As opposed to my June, 2014 visit during which I centered my travels around the mountainous southwest of Mallorca, I stayed this time predominantly in the northeast, giving me an opportunity to acquaint myself with a totally new part of the island. Despite being November, the weather was marvelous with highs well over 20°C. Gratefully, I also encountered relatively few tourists, an invaluable asset for any landscape photographer. Though less alpine in appearance, the mountains of the northeast seem to blend in more harmoniously with the exquisitely beautiful coastline, complimenting it with a backdrop of splendor rather than fighting it for visual dominance as is sometimes found on Mallorca’s western coast. Much of my landscape photography typically portrays the smaller, more intimate elements found in the natural scene. During this last trip however, I recurrently found myself drawn to the larger vista, often seeking out the hours of sunrise and sunset (often referred to as the ‘golden hours’) when the light of the sun bathes the sky and land with a golden warmth. Mallorca’s beautiful and diversified landscape once again succeeded in providing me with abundant opportunities for photographic exploration and interpretation. In retrospect, it was one of the most enjoyable and productive photo trips I have ever made.