Mallorca 2014 - lawrencebraunstein

Despite Mallorca’s reputation for being one of the most popular vacation sites for sun-hungry Germans, I had never visited this lovely Mediterranean island located off the coast of Spain - some 160 kilometers due east of Valencia - until mid June of 2014. Many of the photographs in this gallery were done in a mountainous region of Mallorca known as the ’Serra de Tramuntana’ which extends along the coast from the southwest to the northeast of the island. For me, these mountains display an exquisite though uniquely Mediterranean beauty which is noticeably different from the more familiar and often traveled Alpine regions of central Europe where I have done so much of my photography in the past. Not only the mountains though, also the quaint villages and towns, often cozily nestled between mountain tops or perched high upon cliffs just meters from the shoreline, stirred my interest and fascination. My impression is that little has changed here, as the scars of time, weather, and simple use have transformed the mundane into a trove of photographic treasures. The northwestern shoreline is rugged with cliffs often extending directly to the oceanfront. Jagged rocks, small coves bathed in turquoise colored waters, sun bleached driftwood pitted against harsh black stone, just to name a few of the many photographic gems which kept my searching eye well occupied but indeed happy. I hope to return soon to Mallorca. As enjoyable as my visit was, it was simply too short, compelling so many wishes to remain unfulfilled. Next time!