In and around Hamburg (2) - lawrencebraunstein

The camera is a tool…no more, no less. Cameras do not make photographs. Photographers do. Having said this, the proper tool can have a profound influence on how we work. If chosen wisely, it can be supportive of our workflow, allowing us to work with efficiency, accuracy, and dependability. Those of you who have examined the EXIF data which accompany the photos on my web site know that I have been using a Canon 40D for the last few years. Several months ago, after extensive deliberation, I decided to ‘change tools’. My present tool of choice is the Nikon D700 and the photos in this gallery are among the first photographs I have produced since purchasing this exceptionally fine camera. Are then the photographs in this gallery substantially better than the others? Taken as a whole, certainly not. Does this new tool enable me to travel new venues of creativity? Good grief, no! The new camera has proven, though, to be decisively more supportive of my workflow. The results have not improved (I, not the camera, am responsible for that). However, the path to those results has become less circuitous and more easily reached. To reiterate, cameras do not make photographs. Photographers do.