Eisenach and Weimar (Germany) - lawrencebraunstein

In October of 2012, during an exceptionally beautiful Autumn, my wife and I visited the cities of Eisenach and Weimar, situated in the German state of Thuringia. The shear number of historically significant personages associated with these two cities is indeed impressive, if not a bit daunting. Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Franz Liszt, Walter Gropius (Bauhaus School), Friedrich Schiller, Martin Luther, to name just a few. South of Eisenach, the Thuringian Forest - itself most worthy of a visit - is home to what is arguably the most famous castle in Germany (historically speaking), the Wartburg Castle. It was here where Luther hid following his excommunication and where his translation to German of the New Testament was written. For the duration of our trip, my camera was never very far from my eye. Though these photos are not typical for my work (during much of the time, my tripod remained snugly embedded in the trunk of my car), they do offer some of the photographic impressions this very enjoyable visit enkindled.