California 2013 - lawrencebraunstein

Utter the words “American landscape” and instinctually one conjures up images of stunning grandeur, monumental vistas of mountain and sea, unique formations of rock and sky whose singular beauty begs comparison with the finest our planet has to offer. But there is an other America out there, one whose beauty is less obvious, one which may evade the casual observer; also one whose beauty often lends itself quite gratefully to the photographic interpretation. During a trip this summer (2013) to the Southern coast of California, I had the opportunity to seek out some of these less sung gems and found much which excited my photographic eye and heart. Not that I avoided the ‘grand landscape’, a few examples of which are found here on this page. It was, nonetheless, often the smaller treasure - light and shadow defining an everyday work tool, abstraction emerging from peculiarly shaped foliage, the effects of time and weather on a long forgotten item - which held me captive for hours while concomitantly filling my flash cards with myriad possibilities for photographic expression (besides testing the equanimity of my patient wife who frequently accompanied me on these photographic excursions!). Much less a testament to the splendor of the American landscape, these pictures show a sampling of the photographic impressions I had during our memorable trip down the Southern California coastline.