Yosemite and the California Coast - lawrencebraunstein

As a budding landscape photographer, a pilgrimage to Yosemite National Park stood high on my ‘must do’ list. During my photographically formative years in Vienna, I had the opportunity to attend an Ansel Adams exhibition which had a decidedly profound effect on my conception and understanding of what a photograph can be. His iconic photos of Yosemite and the High Sierras were of such exquisite beauty, I found it difficult to comprehend I was, in fact, looking at ‘mere’ photographs. If this medium was capable of producing such artistic expressiveness, I knew this was what I wanted to do! Well, I was not alone with such sentiments. Since Adams, innumerable photographers have devoted weeks, months, even years to creating stunning images of this magnificent corner of the planet, while producing in their efforts some of the most beautiful examples of photographic art. Unfortunately, because of my ever increasing work load and the substantial distance I live from the Californian Sierra Nevada, I have had only one opportunity to visit this perhaps most beautiful of American national parks, and then for only a week. With some trepidation, I offer here a few of the many photos I made during this short but immensely enjoyable week, if nothing else then as documentation of this exciting and inspiring experience during my early photographic life.