Osttirol, Austria - lawrencebraunstein

Wondering why this gallery contains so many more photographs than the others? The answer is simple. Of all the places I have photographed, no other have I returned to more often than Osttirol. I’ve had a 30 year love affair with this Austrian state, beautifully situated in the Alps just northeast of the Italian border. The landscape is magnificent, its people warm and friendly, and during the summer months attracts a relatively moderate number of tourists. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph Osttirol not only during the warmer summer months, but also in the dead of winter when deep snow made simply moving from point A to point B quite a challenge considering the size and weight of the large format equipment (plus heavy tripod) I was carrying. Despite my extensive familiarity with the landscape, I always succeeded in finding new areas to photograph or not yet discovered corners of more familiar terrain. Osttirol is - and indubitably shall always remain - one of my favorite photographic haunts.