French Alps - lawrencebraunstein

As I write, 2018 is slowly coming to an end.  No major or extended photo trips were done this year and I was limited to making shorter day trips for my photography.  On several occasions, these excursions brought me to smaller cities here within northern Germany which offered interesting, at times quite beautiful opportunities for photographic expression.  Though my first photographic love has traditionally involved the landscape, I find what is often referred to as the ‘cityscape’ taking on an ever more prevalent role in my choice of subject matter.  Having said this, my approach to photographing a city is very much akin to how I photograph the landscape.  The actual subject of focus is for me less important (though certainly not unimportant!) than the light which bathes it and the atmosphere or mood it creates.   In the final instance, it is this mood to which I react and which ultimately is expressed in the photograph I make.  Quite truthfully, the resulting photograph reveals more about its creator (yours truly) than it does about the object(s) photographed.  In this regard, whether it be light seeping through a window while illuminating aged wood in a old attic or the juxtaposition of brilliantly lit leaves against the darkened bark of their surrounding trees, my approach is nearly always the same; remain mindful of how I emotionally respond to what I see and attempt to express that response photographically.  Interestingly enough, one of the greatest gifts of photography is to the photographer himself (or herself).   While heightening our awareness of the world we transverse, photography enables us to find infinitely more joy and beauty in the world about us than we would without this vitally important state of awareness.  How grateful we are when we find beauty in places least expected!  Well, enough philosophizing. I hope you enjoy the photographs!