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Right off the bat, photography is not my profession. It is, however, my passion and has been for well over 30 years. I was weaned, photographically speaking, on the traditional silver-based photography of yesteryear. Nearly from the start, I was lured by the tonal beauty only possible with the larger negative and consequently did the bulk of my photography with a large format camera (predominantly 4x5"). Most of my work, though not all, was done in black&white. The reason I mention all this is twofold. Despite my decades-long involvement with analog photography I have warmly embraced the digital revolution, working now exclusively with a digital camera (DSLR) and producing my prints with a fine art inkjet photo printer. Notwithstanding, this substantial change in equipment has had little effect on how or what I photograph. In spite of the modern DSLR's amazing high ISO capabilities - being able to produce relatively low noise results at ISO settings of which, a decade earlier, one would have barely dreamed possible - I still use my DSLR in much the same fashion as I did my large format camera. When possible, the camera sits upon a sturdy tripod. Perspective, composition, and exposure are meticulously thought through. The camera's mirror is locked up and the shutter is released with the help of a remote cable (or the self-timer, as the case might be). I do this not merely out of habit, but more pertinently because such a workflow more aptly fits my personality as well as being more applicable to much of what I enjoy photographing. Now on to the cold facts of my life:

I grew up in New York and received both my Bachelor and Masters degree from the Juilliard School in Manhattan. I am a violinist and, yes, music is my profession. After graduation, youthful wanderlust got the better of me and I moved to Europe where I ultimately assumed a position as assistant concertmaster with the NDR Symphony Orchestra in Hamburg, Germany. Though I have photographed in many parts of Europe and the U.S.A., a substantial amount of my work has been done in the mountainous regions of France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to and photograph in Costa Rica. This is a uniquely beautiful country whose landscape is both spectacular and diversified. It was a trip I hope someday to repeat, and a photographic adventure whose memories I shall treasure for a long time.

 I hope you enjoy the photographs as I enjoy sharing them with you. If you wish, leave a comment and let me know your impressions and any thoughts you may have. I am indeed grateful for the feedback. Thank you!

Lawrence Braunstein

Email: fiddlerlb@gmail.com


Several years have passed since “The Fiddler’s Photos” first felt your monitors' warm light  filter through its virtual pores. During that time, modifications have been made and many new photographs have been added. However, a significant change in my personal and professional life warrants an update to the ‘about’ section. I have entered retirement. This voluntary ‘outing’ of mine pertains only to my work as violinist with the NDR Symphony Orchestra. Fortunately, photography remains a vitally important part of my life and I am indeed grateful for the time I now have to devote to this other great love in my life. Though I fondly reminisce about the many music-making years I have spent, I look forward to a future which now allows me the time and (hopefully) good health to continue and even intensify my involvement with photography. Needless to say, I am eager to share with you the fruits of my labors-of-love here at “The Fiddler’s Photos”!